Winners 2009


First Prize: Jamie Walsh – Preface
Second Prize: Shelley McAlister – Sacred Heart
Third Prize: Jane McKie – Vija Celmins’ Surfaces

Runners up:
Pat Borthwick – Major Stewart’s Honourable Intention
Caroline Cook – Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in Marseille
Will Daunt – Second Class
Rebecca Farmer – This is not the grey
Angela France – Letter Home
Helen Lovelock-Burke – In Wrinkled Light
Dr WH Petty – The Poet/Physicist Struggles against the Presence of Matter
Margaret Speak – Credo
Anne Stewart – At the Top
Mick Wood – Control

Judge’s Long List:
James Armstrong – Bicycle Thief; Blown
Veronica Beedham – Ways of Saying; Towards a Definition of Spring
Pat Borthwick – Cement; New Camera
Val Bridge – Please get out map book
Joan Condon – Mandala
Will Daunt – On CCTV
Jonathan Davidson – A Stone’s Throw
Joan Docherty – Easter Sunday at Achvarasdal
Paul Groves – A Matching Pair
Richard Halperin – Rainy Sunday in Paris
Lillian Joel – I Want her World
Chris Kinsey – This East Wind
Helen Lovelock-Burke – Dreams
Shelley McAlister – What He Won
Gill McEvoy – Pine Cone
Joan McGavin – A Perfect Southampton
John Mole – Piano Man; Their Marriage
Marcus Parnell – Going Nowhere Fast
Colette Power – Space Ship
Phil Powley – I’ll Go to Gairloch
Sue Reardon Smith – Night Flight on the Branwen Dragon Path
Carol Rogers – Silence
Anne Stewart – From the Engineer’s Album: Negative No 31; whisper
Leslie Tate – Cowslips
Jamie Walsh – The Rain God; Nighthawks
Jean Watkins – His pocket diaries
Louise Wilford – Emailing You
Noel Williams – Overgrown
Mick Wood – A Warning to the Incurious; Café Brant
Ben Ziman-Bright – Luna

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