Winners 2006


First Prize: CJ Allen – Gardens at Night
Second Prize: Elisabeth Rowe – Big Girl
Third Prize: John Kay – Remembrance Day

Runners up:
Ann Alexander – On land, he is a chapel man
Pat Borthwick – Shaft
Margery Forester – Adam and Eve
Matt Merritt – Sex After 36
John Richmond – As Anacondas Go; Liberation
Daphne Schiller – Hanging Up Their Hats
Valerie Smith – Andromeda
Pat Winslow – The Copse
Patricia Wooldridge – Keeping the Cat

Judges’ Long List:
Donald Adamson – Weather Wise
Kellie Sarah Bailey – Watching
Denise Bennett – Christmas Cactus
Patrick Bridgman – Deer
Kathy Butler – Night Tiger
Jennifer Copley – Straw Wives; Lead Kindly Light
Pamela Coren – The Journey home from music
Kay Cotton – Les Salines
Victoria Field – Doing Theology; Shades
Kate Foley – Reinventing the Lute; Elmtrees Amsterdam
Katherine Gallagher – Epithalamium
Stephen Giles – Canons Ashby
June Hall – A Lipping Moon
Michael Henry – Colophon for my Father; First Bite of the Bard
Maureen Li – They look at me and well
Grevel Lindop – April 21, 5.30pm
Janet Loverseed – The Supreme Psychological Importance of the Under-ripe Banana
Lynn Roberts – Shoes and life and love and death; Martha and Mary
Ralph Scrine – The Tree
Robert Seatter – Orpheus with Flowers and a Kitchen Utensil
Jill Sharp – Moth
Helen Shay – The New Ophelia
KV Skene – Sounds of War
Anne Stewart – No Attempt to Run
Pauline Suett Barbieri – Redress
Clif Taylor – A mind of spirit
Astrid van Baalen – The window
Alison Wellby – Falling In Love (is inconvenient when you’re a poet)
Anna Wigley – The Fox Fur
Gina Wilson – Licked
Carol Wolrich – Hill Thoughts of a Housewife
Ben Ziman-Bright – Bank Holiday Shopping

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