Winners 2007


First Prize: Sue Butler – Holes
Second Prize: Elisabeth Rowe – World Cup
Third Prize: Colin Watts – Eleven Plus

Runners up:
Meredith Andrea – His Hatalogue and her Old Saws and Homilies
Chrissy Banks – ?
Pat Borthwick – Bob-a-Jobbing to Help Deaf Animals
Owen Bullock – three details
Keith Francis – Clarice Cliff Makes Love
in her Workroom Full of Jugs
Bill Greenwell – Mass-Observation
Joan McGavin – The Last Gabardine
Margaret Morgan – Glose
Lynda O’Neill – Backdrop
Norman Scotter – Love in the Leafy Lanes of Warwickshire: Not with Backward Longing

Judge’s Long List:
Chloe Balcomb – The Point of it All
Christine Alayne Cherry – The Evacuee
John Crick – Fell Walkers
Charles Evans – Breakdown
Stephen Firth – Cuckoo
Alan C Gay – To Richard Hannay
John Godfrey – The Ducking Stool; The Pink Bicycle
Michael Henry – Spring-Heeled Jack
Doreen Hinchliffe – The Newly Weds
Sarah Jackson – Vanishing Twin
Heidi Lorenz – I Wish I Had Thought of this Before
Owen Lowery – Robin-Song
John McPartlin – The Stair Pit
Denise McSheehy – Crying; Steaming Cows; The Gift
Jacqueline Medway – Firstborn
Sue Millard – In the Mirror
Mark A Murphy – For a Fistful of Earth
Phil Powley – Climbing Everest with John Wayne
Lynn Roberts – The impossibility of the Idea of Thornham Parva in the Mind of an Australian
Sue Rose – Getting his Wings
Valerie Smith – The Nettle Shirt
Margaret Speak – Claudette
Michael Swan – Autumn Crocuses
Michael J Woods – Leavings

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