Winners 2008


First Prize: Clive McWilliam – One Place Twice
Second Prize: Josie Turner – Shed
Third Prize: Pat Borthwick – Perch

Runners up:
Emily Ballou – August 3, 1868
Caroline Cook – Schubert and the Song Thrush
David King – coward’s end
Chris Kinsey – Revolution
Janet Loverseed – Where Our Shadows Are
Nicholas McGaughey – Overboard
Phil Powley – The Day War Broke Out
Elisabeth Rowe – Starlings
Marcus Smith – The Broken Gate
Margaret Speak – Salmon Run

Judge’s Long List:
Roselle Angwin – Feral Angel
Leah Armstead – Welsh Man Singing Alone in Town
Pat Borthwick – Last Day of the Holiday
Val Bridge – Moldy Warp
Tom Bryan – Des Res
Kathy Butler – Postcard from Ayers Rock
Sue Butler – Orphan
Liz Cashdan – Imperial Good Companion
Jennifer Copley – Ark; Piano Practice
Michael Cunningham – Art and the Climate Change
Mark Czanik – Sick Days
Stephen Devereux – Now
Margaret Eddershaw – The Coat; Souliots Dancing
Richard Halperin – What Do I Almost Remember?
Simon Jackson – Building a Box
Ashleigh John – Defrosting the Freezer
Vivien Jones – Hardware Shop
Helen Kitson – By-Blow
Wendy Klein – Slipping out early; Hold-all
Clive McWilliam – This man, his house; Unearthed
Jean O’Brien – Crossing; Words Escape Us
Wayne Price – Watching the Menders; At the Gate, Arizkun
Sue Reardon Smith – The Balloonwomen
KV Skene – Cold Comfort
Margaret Speak – The Elder Brides; Sister
Frances Thompson – At the British Library; A Bicycle in Garvetagh
Anna Wigley – Visitors
Mick Wood – The Dressing Table
Ben Ziman-Bright – My Favourite Shirt

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