Winners 2010


First Prize: Claire Askew – Visiting Nanny Gray
Second Prize: Pippa Little – Simrishamn
Third Prize: Pat Murgatroyd – A Sudden Wind Springs Up

Highly Commended:
Tom Bryan – The Country I Come From
Elisabeth Rowe – Fish
Ben Ziman-Bright – I have started a box

Jennifer Copley – Tigers In My Bed
Gabriel Griffin – Amigdala
Andrée Heaton – How Not To Be Afraid
Wendy Klein – Two Geckos
Alison Lock – Twirling the Shovel
Sue Proffitt – Learning to Swim
Louise Wilford – Watching Kasparov

Judges’ Long List:
Claire Askew – Wedding Ring; Anne Askew’s Ashes
John RB Atkinson – Parts of the Plough; Unrequited
Nina Boyd – Stilt-walker; Sword swallower
Chris Davis – Joan. March 17th; Mining Silence
Margaret Eddershaw – Cross-Border Talk
Margery Forester – Considering the Heavens
Maeve Henry – Awkward Questions
Michael Henry – Newcastle Brown
Wendy Klein – Patchworking
Pippa Little – The Bicycle Menders’ Bride
Alison Lock – Miss Haversham and I
Helen Lovelock-Burke – Ceres
Pat Murgatroyd – Beloved Bi-Polar and the Beaufort Scale
KR (Joe) Massingham – World within World
Kate Noakes – Snow with Raven
Lynda O’Neill – Ghosts in my kitchen
Sue Proffitt – At A Crop Circle in Wiltshire; Imbolc on Hallsands Beach
Lynn Roberts – Do survivors dream of the polar bear? Lunchtime with Eros; Narcissus and Echo
Jacqui Rochford – Mycelia
Elisabeth Rowe – Entitlement; Animus
Daphne Schiller – On The Cusp
Anne Stewart – A bed is a light bulb in the night sky
Josie Turner – Things That Remind Me Of Anger
Sarah Wallis – Snow Globe; Eel Pie Island
Christian Ward – The Other Houdini Sister
Louise Wilford – Quake; Settled; Poppy Day
Ben Ziman-Bright – Rain in a Dry Season; Condolence

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