Winners 2011


First Prize: Natalie Whittaker – Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando
Second Prize: Jane Francis – Winding Sheets
Third Prize: CJ Allen – The Reader

Runners up:
Liz Cashdan – Anna Playing the Flute
Jennifer Copley – All Day the Wind Hunted Me Down
Margaret Eddershaw – Baggage
Tom Hillsdon – Three Women
Wendy Klein – Menagerie
Shelley McAlister – Rani, 14, asks questions on the night before her marriage
Elisabeth Rowe – Invisible
Bob Shannon – Last Words
Margaret Speak – Inhaling my Father
Sue Vickerman – Hands

Judges’ Long List:
Veronica Beedham – Honeysuckle; Thoughts on a Violin in the Ashmolean
Philippa Brewer – Voodoo Doll
Liz Cashdan – Sculpture; Lost Time
Jane Croft – Autumnal; Tiger Watching
Gwen de Mel– Emotional Cord
Brian Evans Jones – Black Day
Lucienne Kim Flavell – Matches
Paul Garratt – The Magic Box
Natalie Harding – Flight Night; Feeding
Gwen Hobbis – Our Writing Group; While There’s Still Time
Wendy Klein – The Puberty Tree; The Sand Sweeper of Kovalam; Original Recipe
Emma Lovell – (We don’t call her grandma); Summer ’10
Shelley McAlister – Tennyson Close, Isle of Wight
Joan McGavin – The Ash Waif
Colin Nicollson – Permanence in Film
Jacqui Rochford – Mooring; After the Storm
Elisabeth Rowe – Creating the First Poem
Bob Shannon – Winter Sunshine
Richard Stillman – Foreign Tastes
Maurice Tate – Another Day… Waiting for the Doctor; Another Day… Free Viewing
Josie Turner – The Enclosed; Visitors
Sue Vickerman – Quaker meeting, summer morning
Roderic Vincent – Cairo; Pink
Anna Wigley – Collecting the Casket

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