Winners 2012


First Prize: Natalie Whittaker – Pebbles
Second Prize: Elisabeth Rowe – Stone Waller
Third Prize: Vicky Mackenzie – The Furniture Maker’s Wife

Runners up:

CJ Allen – The Combine Harvester
Sharon Black – Aperture
Lesley Burt – Out of Sight
Brian Evans Jones – Threshold
Heather Freckleton – The Air my Father Breathed
Camilla Lambert – Pushing the Twins
Robert Maslen – I must look like my brother
Kate Murray – Seeing the Light
Lynda O’Neill – Sunday
Josie Turner – Mappa Mundi

Judges’ Long List:

CJ Allen – Love Poem: On First Looking into ‘The Grand Design’ by Stephen Hawking
Sharon Black – 8.15 Glasgow to Oban
Stephen Boyce – The Palette; Prospects
Lyn Browne – They keep not hearing
Linda Carter – Sixty percent love
Liz Cashdan – Afraid 1 & 2
Claire Cox – “Death is nothing at all” – Henry Scott Holland
Hilary Davies – Let Me Pay Out My Line
Sally Davis – Old as Brass
Brian Evans Jones – The Usual Dance
Peter Gillott – View from a Leaning Sign-Post
Katie Hale – Cumbria, 2001
Deborah Harvey– Night Vision
Jacqueline Haskell – The Teacher from Maine
Maeve Henry – Traveller; Elegy
JJ Jarrett – After Midnight
Miriam Johnson – In beauty it is finished
Terry Jones – Night Bus Canvas
Wendy Klein – The Whiter White
Clare Kirwan – Those Wizard of Oz Moments; In the Reference Library
Camilla Lambert – Falling Woman
Mark Leech – The Minotaur Analysis
Julie Mellor – Newspaper Aprons; I Grew Up In a First Aid Box
Ralph Ockendon – Elsewhere, virtually
Adrian Perks – Flatlines
Nigel Price – Dialling Tones
Olivia Rana – Ferguson’s sweet shop
Elisabeth Rowe – Needlework; Stone Eggs
Nigel Speight – Fusion: Queen Looks at Rock Shack
Peter Swales – In Every Margin
Zoe Tuckley – night talker
Joan Waddleton – Think your body everyself just because your mother’s got a mangle

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